Americas Cardroom's Venom in November gets twisted up with Cyclones

By TheNuts - Nov 06, 2019

ACR Cyclone
Americas Cardroom's Venom in November gets twisted up with Cyclones

Americas Cardroom (ACR) is anxiously awaiting its launch of the $6 Million GTD Venom tournament this November and the action is going to be incredible. More cash prizes than ever are ready to be awarded. And with $1 million going to the first-place winner, this is going to be an awesome way to finish the year.

To enter, you can pay the $2,650 direct buy-in or grab a seat via Satellites, Mega Satellites, Step and Skip Tournaments that are on tap. Or you can opt for a very cool new method that makes earning a Venom seat even more exciting.

Cyclone events are a completely unique type of Step tournament that use a Blitz satellite format and which are available whether you use the mobile or the desktop platform. Cyclones will start on November 14th and are simple to follow. You start by first choosing your Step from the seven that are available, with the first only costing 25 cents. After you earn 5,000 chips, you will advance to the next level and, when you complete all seven levels, you pick up a seat in the $2,650 Venom! 

Cyclones also offer a couple more unique features. You don't lose your stack, even if you have to leave the table — when you come back, the chips you had will still be waiting for you. In addition, the fun keeps going as long as you keep winning - if you have more than 5,000 chips on your last hand (for example, 5,500 chips), the first 5,000 will give you a ticket for the next level, and the remaining 500 will be used to re-seat you at your current Step. Grabbing a Venom seat just got a whole lot simpler!

Visit Americas Cardroom for all the details on Cyclones and the $6 Million Venom.

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