NFL welcomes gambling and new Vegas stadium

By TheNuts - Sep 05, 2020

NFL Vegas
NFL welcomes gambling & new Vegas stadium
The NFL’s newest season kicks off this Thursday, Sept. 10th.  Also new this season is the Las Vegas Raiders (their 1st home game from their $2B stadium is Monday, Sept 21st) and gambling sponsorships.  While once shunning gambling, the NFL is going all-in this season, having voted in May to allow teams to sign deals with gaming sites.
The first team to jump on the bandwagon is the Broncos, signing 3 new sponsorship deals.  While fans won’t be able to wager in the stadium’s betting lounges, they will be able to place bets through their phone apps.  And no, Denver won’t make or share in any of the money being wagered, just the sponsorship revenue.
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