West Virginia In Michigan Out

By TheNuts - Jan 11, 2019

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West Virginia In Michigan Out

As 2018 came to a close, there were a few news worthy items from the world of online gaming that may have gone un-noticed.  West Virginia became the third state in the US to legalize online sports betting.  A New York based hospitality company, Delaware North,  who operates a few brick and mortar casinos in West Virginia, launched BetLucky.com just after Christmas making them the first to market after the new law went into effect. 

Delaware North also operates gaming venues in several other highly populated states such as Florida, New York, and Ohio. Their hopes are that they will be positioned so they can scale their online operations quickly if/when other stats follow the trend of legalizing online sports betting. 

On the other side of the online gaming issue is Michigan or rather the out going Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder.  In a last minute session on December 21st just before the state government shut down for the holidays, Governor Rick Snyder vetoed online gaming and poker legislation that had passed both the sate Senate and House by overwhelmingly wide margins.   When asked why he vetoed the bill that had such tremendous support, he simply stated he had “budgetary concerns” that he felt needed more review.   So the bill is dead and folks in Michigan will have to continue to wait on their elected officials to give them the green light when it comes to online gaming.  


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