The Deal on PokerStars

By TheNuts - Feb 17, 2017


The Deal on PokerStars

PokerStars has introduced a new promotion known simply as: The Deal. A fun way for players to get value out of their StarsCoin, The Deal provides the opportunity to claim a piece of a juicy progressive jackpot without spending a penny. Here’s how it works:

- Click on the ‘The Deal Jackpot’ icon in the main PokerStars lobby and select ‘The Deal’ under the ‘More’ menu.

- Choose whether you want to play for 7 StarsCoin or 70 - the more Coin you wager the larger the prize and the better your chance of hitting the jackpot.

- Click the ‘Play Now’ button and you’ll be dealt seven cards, all face down. Select two you’d like to discard and you are left with a five-card poker hand. The better your hand, the more you win.

Prizes include:


7 StarsCoin

70 StarsCoin

Royal Flush

Jackpot Round

Jackpot Round

Straight Flush


Jackpot Round

Four of a Kind



Full House







50 StarsCoin


Three of a Kind

25 StarsCoin

300 StarsCoin

Two Pair

7 StarsCoin

70 StarsCoin

One Pair

2 StarsCoin

10 StarsCoin

Ace High

1 StarsCoin

No prize

High Card

No prize

No prize

Those that are fortunate enough to have a Royal Flush (or a Straight Flush at the 70 Coin level) will move on to the Jackpot Round. During the Jackpot Round you will spin a wheel filled with lucrative prizes, eventually landing on one: $500, $1K, $2K, $3K, $4K, $5K cash - or the Jackpot worth at least $25K. Hit the jackpot and 50% of the prize will be credited straight to your PokerStars account, while the other 50% is divided amongst everyone that has played The Deal in the past 12 hours. Play every day to make sure you get a share of the spoils.

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