Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is rake?

    Poker rooms make money by taking rake from their tables. For example, if a $50 pot is played at a $1/$2 NL table, the player who ultimately wins the pot may only receive $48, with the poker room collecting $2 in rake. The amount raked is normally around 5% of the total pot, with a maximum of $3 per hand. Rake percentages and maximums will vary by poker room. If you participate in a $10+$1 tournament, the +$1 is taken by the poker room as rake.

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    How does rakeback work?

    Rakeback is exactly what it sounds like, a rebate on the rake you pay at the tables. If a poker room offers 30% rakeback, you will have 30% of the rake that you contribute returned to you. For example, if you accumulated $100 in rake with 30% rakeback, you would receive a $30 payment.

    Each poker room has a different rakeback policy and payment plan. We recommend consulting the individual poker room pages on our site for additional details. If a room is displayed within our list of offers with a number and %, then they will offer rakeback in some capacity. Rooms that do NOT offer rakeback are listed as 'VIP', where your valueback will come directly from that room's rewards program.

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    Where can I find the password for an upcoming freeroll tournament?

    If the password has been released for one of our exclusive tournaments it will be posted on our freerolls page. If a password is not listed on that page then we have not yet released it to the public, so stay tuned!

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    Why are my rakeback earnings not as high as I expected?

    The rakeback you earn is generally not a direct percentage of your rake, but rather a percentage of the net revenue that the poker site has generated from your play (MGR: Monthly Gross Revenue). The formula for MGR is Total Rake - Deductions = MGR. You will receive your rakeback percentage from the final MGR number. Deductions are the main reason for unexpectedly low rakeback amounts.

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    Are total rake and MGR the same thing?

    While these two numbers can sometimes be the same, they are in fact different. Total rake is the sum of all rake you have contributed at the tables.

    Your Monthly Gross Revenue (MGR) is your total rake, minus your deductions. Poker rooms will occasionally deduct from rake for certain activities, whether it's receiving a bonus or transaction fees, each room has different policies. When you start playing on a new room it is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with their deduction policies to help maximize your rakeback.

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