What Does TheNuts.com Offer?

Our mission is for you, the online poker player, to get paid for every hand you play.

TheNuts.com is a poker affiliate that specializes in bringing its members extra value for their play at the online poker tables. We use our years of experience and contacts within the industry to bring our players exclusive promotions in the form of rakeback, freeroll tournaments, bonuses, and other extras that would not normally be available without TheNuts. Simply put, we pay you for playing poker.

TheNuts.com is widely known in the online poker industry as a rakeback provider. For those not familiar with the term, rakeback is precisely what it sounds like - a rebate of the rake you contribute at the tables. All poker rooms charge a rake when you play poker, TheNuts.com returns a portion of this rake to you. By registering through TheNuts on a poker room, we will receive a commission of the rake that you contribute on that room; we then return the majority of that money to you in the form of rakeback payments.

In addition to rakeback, players that register on poker rooms through TheNuts also receive sign-up bonuses and can participate in other exclusive promotions.

If you have any questions please don't hestiate to contact us, we're here to help.

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