Upswing Discounts Available, Raise Your Game

By TheNuts - Sep 28, 2018

Upswing Poker Discount Code

Upswing Poker Discounts Available, Raise Your Game

Upswing Poker is one of the industry’s best poker training sites, offering monthly services and in-depth master classes on a variety of popular game types and subjects. TheNuts members may now tap into this incredible resource and take their game to new heights with exclusive, discounted rates.

If you’re looking to improve your game, there’s no better way than utilizing a poker training site and learning from the best. Upswing Poker features first hand instruction from some of the most successful poker players in the world, with unprecedented detail. 

There are many different ways to ignite your poker education. The Upswing Lab is a monthly subscription service that breaks down every facet of the game. Beginning with core strategies on everything from ranges, concepts, position, software, tilt, and bankroll management, to specific situations like playing 3-bet pots as a pre-flop raiser, single raised pots as a pre-flop caller, and more - the Lab will make you a better play. 

The Upswing Lab commands a $49/monthly fee, though TheNuts members can receive $10 off their signup costs with the use of coupon code: THENUTS

For those who have a strong grasp on the game and are looking for advanced, high level instruction, the Upswing Premium Courses are some of the very best educational tools that exist in poker. Priced at $999/each, these master classes offer a window in to some of the world’s brightest poker minds. Tackle Advanced Heads-Up Mastery with Doug Polk, Mixed Games with Jake Abdalla, or Elite Cash Game Mastery with Andres Artinano. These players have won millions and are offering unique access to their methods. 

TheNuts members can save $100 off premium courses with the use of coupon code: THENUTS100

Create your Upswing Poker account here and start learning. You won’t be disappointed.

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