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All TheNuts members have the opportunity to earn a free poker education every month through Advanced Poker Training, the world's #1 poker training site. Accumulate an MGR of $150 or more during any calendar month across any of the poker rooms on which you are linked with TheNuts to collect your reward.

Follow these steps to get your free Advanced Poker Training:

1. Sign-up with TheNuts

2. Link your Advanced Poker Training account to your TheNuts account. If you do not have an APT account you can create a free guest membership here. To complete this step, log-in to your TheNuts account and click the Edit button under the Account Information section of your profile. There you can input your APT account info and click Update.

You MUST opt-in by submitting your Advanced Poker Training information via this process every month or else you will not be automatically included on our list of qualifiers. If you met the MGR requirement but forgot to opt-in, contact us and we will take care of you.

3. Sign-up through TheNuts on any of the poker rooms we offer.

4. Earn $150 in MGR during a calendar month to qualify. The MGR requirement is cumulative, meaning you could earn $100 in MGR on one room and $50 on another and still qualify.

Once you've opted-in and met the MGR requirement we'll take care of the rest! Around the 15th of the following month you will receive an email from us notifying you that your Advanced Poker Training account has been activated with a month of access. If you are already a paying APT member we will reimburse you for your monthly subscription by adding the money directly to your TheNuts account.

Note: We are only able to award players with free Advanced Poker Training for their play on poker rooms that provide us with individual player statistics. These rooms are marked with the APT logo within the list displayed to the right.

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