ACR Poker Prohibits Remote Viewing And Virtual Machines

By TheNuts - Sep 02, 2023

ACR Poker
In the most recent updates, ACR Poker prohibits remote viewing and virtual machines.

Online poker continues to be largely legal in much of the United States. Offshore choices are available to residents of these states, however they can be a little dubious. ACR Poker (previously America's Cardroom), one of those websites that has done a great job over the years, recently changed its software that places restrictions on particular behaviors.

In accordance with a press release from the Costa Rica-based company, the site's most recent software update would forbid players from performing a few actions that were previously permitted. One additional restriction on the page deals with the use of "virtual machines," while a second one concerns the sharing of screens using tools for remote viewing that are available to computer users. As a result of these two modifications, which became effective on August 6th, ACR Poker no longer permits this kind of usage in conjunction with the operation of ACR Poker.

There will be a brief "grace period" for people who break the new guidelines before any penalties are applied. Players will get a warning from ACR Poker for the first time if they break the new regulations. Any further infractions may result in anything from account suspensions to money being taken away and expulsion from the website.

The regulations governing remote viewing may have the most influence. The employment of these tools in a wholly innocent situation to train for poker with a coach is prohibited by the new regulations, even though it is possible to do so. The "one player to a hand" regulation in poker prevents players from using a coach to help them play a specific tournament or cash game where they may benefit handsomely. According to ACR Poker, this is a fair tradeoff to prohibit players from doing so.

An inquiry that turned up illegal activity on the ACR Poker software led to the creation of the new regulations. There were "coordinated violations" of ACR's Terms of Service (TOS), according to information from participants. Following this examination, 25 more accounts that showed "ties" to the eight banned accounts were also expelled from the ACR club along with eight accounts that were prohibited from ACR access.

ACR Poker also spoke briefly on how these expulsions -- and the associated money -- would be handled. The tournament results were changed to reflect the removal of those now-banned accounts, and a total of $184,000 was reallocated to the players impacted by the banned accounts. Chris Moneymaker, the ACR Poker Pro and the site's spokesperson, said after the announcement, "I'm sorry we have to play this high-tech version of 'Whack-a-Mole,' but it's important for us to try to stay ahead of the bad guys." "I've been playing online poker for more than twenty years, and the poker rooms have advanced along with the cheaters. ACR spends substantially in both people and technology to produce a game that is just as fair as any of the major sites."

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