Betting On The NFL For Players Is A No Go

By TheNuts - Oct 03, 2023

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Betting On The NFL For Players Is A No Go  

The NFL has changed its policy to define what is and is not allowed for players, along with specific consequences, in light of a spate of gambling-related suspensions and the discovery that many players were not aware of or do not comprehend the league's gambling laws.

The league announced the new regulations in a memo from commissioner Roger Goodell's office on Friday. These regulations are more significant than in previous years due to the growth of legal sports betting in the US.

The vast majority of athletes in any sport are aware that it is illegal to gamble on their own team. Naturally, that applies to the new rules as well. Any NFL player who is proven to have bet on (or against) his own club will face a minimum two-year suspension. Those who wager on NFL games in which their club is not participating will be barred for at least one year.

Those are categorically forbidden behaviors and always have been. Now, each is subject to specific penalties, while the word "at least" leaves some room for doubt.

Both of the offenses committed by the former baseball coach of the University of Alabama are punishable by suspensions of at least a year. These offenses include giving anyone inside information for betting purposes and hiring a third party to place bets.

Of course, manipulating games is the biggest violation. Any player, coach, or other individual who rigs a game or even tries to manipulate a game will be permanently banned from the NFL. expulsion outright.

Betting on sports that aren't in the NFL is on the lower end of the gambling violation spectrum. While it is permitted for players to wager on other sports, they are not allowed to do so from team facilities or while on official team business trips. So feel free to wager as much as you like on the upcoming baseball playoffs, but do it from home.

For the first offense, the punishment is two games of suspension, for the second, six games, and for the third, at least a year.

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