Dave and Buster's offers Social Betting

By TheNuts - May 03, 2024

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Dave & Buster’s offers Social Betting

Dave & Buster's has stated that it would soon allow customers to place bets on games, which looks like a cynical money grab and an awful, bad idea. Since the bets will be on "skill" games rather than "chance" games, the massive restaurant-arcade chain will presumably be able to evade gambling rules. In no manner will Dave & Buster's run the gaming or serve as the house.

The betting technology will be provided by Lucra, a "gamification" software business, and will be accessible via the D&B app. Adults who are at least 18 years old are to be able to wager a small amount of money with their friends on things like who will win a game of Skee-Ball. Though it's obvious that people can place friendly bets with one another without an app, Lucra and Dave & Buster's believe that this will increase the fun factor and encourage more people to do so.

CEO and co-founder of Lucra Dylan Robbins stated, "Lucra helps our partners drive user adoption, increase retention and engagement and add new monetization streams to their business."

Michael Madding, co-founder and chief operating officer of Lucra, continued, "We're creating a new form of kind of a digital experience for folks inside of these ecosystems." "We're encouraging them to spend more time and money and to engage in new ways."

Therefore, when the Lucra feature is included into the D&B app in the coming months, you will be able to wager with a friend that your son will get a specific score in addition to watching them waste Power Card credits on Doodle Jump in an attempt to accumulate enough tickets to purchase sweets.

Apps for social betting are nothing new. For example, Wagr was introduced a few years ago and lets users wager against each other rather than the house. With the use of the software, bets could be placed with friends or even total strangers. Yahoo purchased Wagr in 2023.

In its most basic form, social betting apps only facilitate friend wagering—which may become even more enjoyable if additional features are included. The majority of us have placed a five-dollar wager on the result of an event with our college friend or sister; these applications merely act as a central location for doing so. However, putting it at Dave & Buster's, a restaurant frequented by children and their parents, feels a little more ominous. Hopefully, Lucra's offering remains restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years old.

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