Juicy Stakes Offers Reduced Cashout Fees

By TheNuts - Feb 13, 2014


Juicy Stakes Offers Reduced Cashout Fees

Since new ownership took over the Revolution Network site Juicy Stakes Poker back in October they have been providing players around the world with timely cashouts of $1,000 per week per player, however, each payment has come with a hefty $100 processing fee. At this time Juicy Stakes has announced that moving forward they will continue offering the timely payouts, but will now be providing their player base the opportunity to withdraw with a lessened fee. 

For every 100 FPPs collected during the current month players on Juicy Stakes can request one withdrawal with a reduced fee, up to a maximum of four payments per month. For those withdrawing via check, players that have met the 100 FPP requirement will be able to cashout a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $1,000 with a $50 fee attached. Thus if you earned 400 FPPs during a given month you'd be eligible to cashout a maximum of $4,000, with $200 of that being collected in fees over four separate transactions.

The promotion extends to Western Union withdrawals as well, for payouts of $150 - $500 the fee will be $75 and for payments of $500.01 - $1,000 the new fee will be $85. The minimum Western Union withdrawal is $225 and the maximum $1,000. 

1 FPP will be awarded to each player at the table for every $1 taken in rake during a given hand. Thus, even if you fold pre-flop and the result of the hand has $3 taken in rake, you will still receive 3 FPPs. When playing tournaments or SNGs you will receive 7 FPPs per $1 in rake/fees that you contribute. 

We recognize that these fees are still not ideal and continue to represent a challenge for players on Juicy Stakes, however, we felt this was an important development and a trend in the right direction. We will keep players updated moving forward and hope to see fees reduced further in the near future.

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