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By Rod - Mar 01, 2011

If you’re looking for some sort of get rich quick scheme, then head over to, where the site’s Bad Beat Jackpot has lapped $1 million. The seven-figure milestone was officially passed on Monday at 6:30pm ET and, at the time of writing, stands at a hefty $1,002,393.80. If it were cracked right now, the loser of the pot would scoop over $320,000.

Players seated at a Jackpot or Turbo Jackpot table are eligible to get in on the lucrative promotion. These tables have a “J” next to them in the lobby and take a small chunk out of every pot to fuel the Jackpot. Once they’re hit, however, they’re well worth it.

Once the Bad Beat Jackpot on is officially hit, the online poker room will take 25% off the top and use it to re-seed the new purse. Another 10% will go to and, of the remaining money, half will be awarded to the pot’s loser. A quarter of the remaining prize pool will go to the hand’s winner and $1,000 will be given to everyone else seated at the table. Any leftover funds will be given equally to players at the same stakes and game type.

As text found in a press release distributed by this afternoon explains, “At the $1 million mark, the loser of the Bad Beat Jackpot hand would stand to take home $325,000. The winner of the hand would walk away with $162,500 and $1,000 goes to each of the players seated at the table where the bad beat occurred, and another $162,500 minus the $1,000 to each of the players at the bad beat table is distributed among all players at tables playing the same game type and stakes.”

On’s Facebook page, posters are weighing in on what the Jackpot will stand at when it is hit. The person who submits the closest guess will receive a $215 ticket to the $200,000 Guaranteed, which runs on Sunday afternoons.

Prior to today, the largest Bad Beat Jackpot totaled $996,000 and hit in June 2008 back when the site was known as Ultimate Bet. The loser of the hand scooped $320,000, while the winner banked $160,000. pro Joe Sebok commented in a press release sent out on Monday, “It’s an insane amount of money with our Bad Beat Jackpot hitting a million bucks, and a few people are going to make a lot of money in an instant… We are pumped to be in this position, to set this record, and to make some of our players very, very happy."

According to, which keeps tabs on online poker room traffic, the number of ring game players on the CEREUS Network, which includes and Absolute Poker, has swelled in recent days. After not passing a peak of 4,000 cash game players in the prior 60-day period, the CEREUS Network has done so for the last seven days as the Jackpot has grown leaps and bounds. Over 6,000 cash game players have been seated in the last two days.

If scoring well over $300,000 sounds like a blast, then sign up for through When you do, you’ll get 30% rakeback and access to an exclusive $35,000 March rake race that dishes out prize money to 250 people. Plus, we just introduced an exclusive $5,000 freeroll. What’s not to like? Sign up now.

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