NFL Regular Season Ends Sunday

By TheNuts - Dec 31, 2020

NFL Ends
NFL Regular Season Ends Sunday

The final weekend of the NFL regular season ends this Sunday, Jan 3rd, 2021.  Here’s the schedule for Sunday’s games:

At 1PM, Tom Brady and the Buccaneers will host the Atlanta Falcons in Tampa Bay.  The Giants will host the Dallas Cowboys.  The Jets face New England and Detroit hosts the Vikings (all four teams have been eliminated from the playoffs).  The Steelers travel to Cleveland and the Bengals welcome the Ravens, while the Dolphins leave the sunshine of Miami for the snow flurries predicted in Buffalo.

At 4PM, Seattle travels to San Francisco, the Rams host Arizona, the Jaguars will try to win their 2nd game of the season in Indianapolis and Houston hosts the Titans.  Las Vegas will be in Denver (both teams have been eliminated from the playoffs), Patrick MaHomes & the Chiefs host the Chargers, Chicago hosts Aaron Rodgers & the Packers, and Carolina welcomes Drew Brees & the Saints.

On Sunday night, the eliminated Eagles host the Washington Football Team in Philly.  If Washington wins, they clinch the NFC East.  Kickoff is 8PM.

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