NFL Week Two Schedule

By TheNuts - Sep 15, 2022

NFL Week Two
NFL Week Two Schedule

Week one of the 2022-2023 NFL season is now in the record books, including a Monday Night Football game that garnered the highest viewership since 2009, with almost 20 million football fans tuning in.

Week two will see 15 games on Sunday and a rare double-header on Monday night, followed by Thursday Night Football on September 22nd.  Here’s the schedule:

At 1PM ET this Sunday, the Ravens will host the Dolphins in Baltimore, the Browns play the Jets in Cleveland, the Commanders face the Lions in Detroit, the Colts travel to Jacksonville for the Jaguars, the Saints welcome Tom Brady & the Bucs and the Panthers fly to the Meadowlands to take on the NY Giants.

At 4PM ET this Sunday, it’s the Rams hosting the Falcons, the 49ers hosting the Seahawks, the Bengals in Dallas for the Cowboys, the Texans vs. the Broncos in Denver and the Cardinals at the Raiders in Vegas.

For Sunday night football, Aaron Rodgers’ Packers host the Chicago Bears.

Then, it’s a Monday Night Football double-header:  First, at 7PM ET, the Titans play the Bills in Buffalo, and at 8:30PM ET, it’s the Vikings vs. the Eagles at Memorial Stadium in Philly.

The NFL will conclude week two on Thursday with the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cleveland Browns.

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