TheNuts Affiliate Newsletter March

By TheNuts - Mar 02, 2011

TheNuts Affiliate Newsletter

TheNuts is proud to present the first official TheNuts Referral Newsletter! We have excellent news for all of our player affiliates that have helped our community to grow over the years.

Double One-Time Commissions in March
In March we will award double on one-time commissions for referring players to one of the following sites:

Carbon Poker

These rooms are packed with value - for example, during February four players finished in the top 10 of our exclusive InterPoker $2,000 rake race and earned $100 payments even though they had MGRs of less than $100! More information about our double one-time commission can be found here

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This works for every page on TheNuts, including ’Value Corner’ articles - you can add your referral code to the end of the URL and those who click it will be tracked to you.


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